Your horse will thank you.

Brita Rizzi and Anne DeKeyser are both certified independent saddle fitters located in Southern Pines, North Carolina. The goal is not to sell you another saddle, but to determine what brand or model would work best for you and your horse. In addition to the saddles we have in stock, you are welcome to bring along new or used ones and we will give you our unbiased opinion as to which one is the best choice.

The following comprehensive saddle and bit fitting services are available:

  • Detailed saddle fitting analysis (static and under saddle)
  • Computerized saddle pressure scans
  • Saddle reflocking
  • Saddle panel conversions from foam to wool (if possible)
  • Consultations during purchase of a new/used saddle
  • Extensive experience with treed and treeless saddles

We schedule personal fitting sessions, and can also help you arrange a clinic at your barn, show or veterinary practice. Out of area clients are welcome. If you have any questions, please contact us:

Brita Rizzi or 910.489.8031


Dynamic Equine introduces its newly developed Passier monoflap jumping saddle!

Click here to read more about this new model, developed by Dynamic Equine in very close collaboration with our local event riders here in Southern Pines.

Computerized saddle pressure testing

The Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting computer screen consists of two windows for a comprehensive saddle fitting experience!

1) The first window displays the pressure under the saddle. Pressure points will be clearly visible.
2) The second window will video tape the horse moving under saddle at the same time.
3) Playback is in slow motion, revealing pressure distribution throughout every moment of the ride.

This system can not only scan the saddle on the horse standing, but also in full work. Saddle problems will be an issue of the past!



Since December 2017, we also offer bit and bridle fitting services. We have both completed an extensive educational seminar with H. Sprenger allowing us to pass this knowledge on to our clients.

We are an official Sprenger bit test center. A selection of the most common Herm Sprenger bits and anatomical Passier bridles will be available for demo and test ride purposes.