Bit & Bridle Fitting

Most horse owners spend thousands of dollars on a saddle, have it fitted properly, but only a few dollars on the horse's bit. Moreover, they very rarely have it checked, nor the fit of the bridle. Both bridle and bit should be fitted correctly to your horse’s mouth and tongue shape. Bits should be attached to the bridle bit right way up (yes that matters too!), and also be suitable for what you want to do or achieve with your horse.


Bit Fitting includes:

  • Review of the lips, bars, interdental space and palate
  • Evaluation of your current bit in terms of material used, lengths, thickness
  • Review of any issues under saddle
  • Consulting of bitting options
  • Test riding in suggested bits

Most bit research available today was done by Herm Sprenger in collaboration with the University of Hannover.  Herm Sprenger, a family owned business since 1872, is the #1 manufacturer of quality bits.  Plus, HS bits, unlike the competition, are manufactured in Germany.

After meeting with HS during the SPOGA trade show we decided to develop an educational program that would allow us to pass on the knowledge to other owners, riders and trainers.   We felt much information was needed to take the guessing game out of correct bit fitting.  It seemed like the perfect fit for us as saddle fitters, since we are already on-site to evaluate the correct fit of the saddle.  With that said, we are incorporating the fit bit and bridle fitting into our array of services offered.

We are an official Sprenger test center. A selection of Sprenger bits will be available for demo and test ride purposes.   A bit in the correct size may be ordered through us if the most suitable size is not on hand.

Click here for additional details about bit fitting.

Bridle Fitting includes:

  • Evaluating your bridle in regards to condition, size, positioning of buckles and browband
  • Checking pressure points especially nosebands and flash attachments
  • The crown piece should not pinch behind the ears
  • The cheek pieces should be adjusted so that the noseband sites 2 fingers below the cheekbone etc.

A selection of Passier bridles, including anatomically shaped snaffle bridles will be available.

Click here for additional details about bridle fitting.

Brita meeting with Sprenger at the 2017 SPOGA trade show, Cologne/Germany