Herm Sprenger Materials



  • toxicologically tested
  • high compatibility and exceptionally well tolerated
  • easy to clean
  • consistent flow of saliva

​An optimal communication between horse and rider is the basis for performance and success. The bit mouthpiece is the essential tool in this communication as it conveys the rein aids the rider gives to the horse’s mouth. Over the past decades SPRENGER has dedicated itself to the ongoing development of its bits.

Intensive research and development 
A wide range of our bit designs is now available in SENSOGAN. It is also possible to purchase many of the various mouthpieces with bit rings and cheeks made from stainless steel and Aurigan to ensure your bit matches your individual bridle design.When it comes to developing and redesigning new models and products, we work closely together with a team of experts. It often takes months and years of research and testing to find positive results. As far as the development of SENSOGAN is concerned, the special challenge was to maintain the positive features of Aurigan and to intensify them. In collaboration with the Veterinary University of Medicine Hannover and the German Riding School in Warendorf this breakthrough was achieved and SENSOGAN was born. The scientifically proven tests showed without doubt the extremely positive effects of the new material.

The horses' health and their well-being is the main research and development focus for our high-quality German-manufactured products. A milestone for horse and rider SENSOGAN – the new bit material developed by SPRENGER – is the result of additional development and consequently the improvement of our original material, Aurigan. We have built on the success and positive features of Aurigan, specifically the taste and salivation aspects to give an even more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse. It is the distinctive composition of copper, manganese and zinc that makes SENSOGAN so special. With a reduced copper content the oxidation process is still maintained, however, the extraordinary combination with manganese is what makes the difference. This combination results in a smoother and more regulated process of oxidation. Tests show a very positive influence on the horse’s satisfaction, motivation and willingness to perform. The copper discharge quantity into the horse’s saliva is reduced considerably, which helps to keep the noble white-gold color for a longer time. The new ingredient manganese on the other hand is an important micronutrient. As a crucial component and activator of enzymes, manganese is highly relevant for building up connective tissue as well as for the muscle and energy metabolism. It can therefore be helpful in preventing muscle tension and in supporting stress reduction. Beyond that, manganese is needed for the reduction of histamine and can prevent allergic skin reactions. Also, the feed industry discovered manganese to be a promising food additive that is gaining in importance in modern feeding of sport horses.

Optimal effects – unmatched look SENSOGAN has improved properties but also a new appearance. The white-gold color gives the bit a discreet and elegant look and due to the improved material mix, SENSOGAN does not tarnish easily as the chewing activity of the horse is optimally supported. It is easy to care for and maintains its elegant appearance over a long time period. All SENSOGAN bits are marked with a black ring at the cheeks.


First there was AURIGAN
​AURIGAN is the first bitting material developed specifically for the use in the horse’s mouth. It has very strong oxidation properties due to the special composition of copper, silicon and zinc and, therefore, actively encourages the production of saliva. The use of AURIGAN in the horse’s mouth has been proven by researches of the Veterinary University of Medicine Hannover. AURIGAN bits are made from a solid cast. Tarnishing arises from the natural oxidation process in the open air.