PS Leather Tree with Wide Gullet Plate

The wider gullet plate is particularly good for horses with very high and wide withers. Because, as a result of this gullet plate which is 1 cm (1/2“) wider in the middle, saddle fitting is simplified and the fit of the saddle is optimized. The wider gullet plate is available for all saddles with a PS tree.


The PS tree with Wider Gullet Plate is used in the following saddles: Optimum II Dressage Saddle, Optimum Dressage Saddle, Compact Dressage Saddle, GG Extra Dressage Saddle, Hubertus Schmidt II Dressage Saddle, Hubertus Schmidt Dressage Saddle, Optimum Pony Dressage Saddle, Freemove Dynamic Dressage Saddle, Arktur Jumping Saddle, Ingrid Klimke Jumping and Cross-Country Saddle, PSL Jumping Saddle, Eventing Cross-Country Saddle, PSL VS All-Purpose Saddle and PSL VD All-Purpose Saddle.