PS Leather Tree

Leather tree with regular head plate.


Leather tree with wide head plate.


Leather tree with FRT head plate.


Side view of leather tree.


The heart of a saddle is the tree. The PS tree was developed 50 years ago by Passier. More than 1,200 steps are necessary to produce it. The main materials are wood and leather. In order to achieve the high degree of flexibility, several bamboo strips are worked into this leather tree. The models with the PS tree are available in up to seven different sizes from 16" to 19". As every saddle is made-to-measure, it is possible for Passier to produce a saddle seat in one size in combination with saddle flaps in another size.

Metal Bands

The Passier metal bands stabilize the tree and also provide the necessary flexibility. Sheet metal is purposely not used in Passier metal bands so as not to injure the fibers of the steel and to thus provide the greatest possible stability. Instead, spring band steel is used which, through after-treatment, takes on a shape which is optimum for the saddle.

Stirrup Bar

The stirrup bar of the PS tree is made of a high-quality wrought bronze alloy. Both stirrup bars have extremely high breakage and tear-out strengths of far more than 600 Nm. This means that it is impossible for a Passier stirrup bar to break or tear out of the tree under normal circumstances.

Gullet Plate

A wrought chrome-vanadium alloy is used for the Passier gullet plate. This has the considerable advantage that the finished gullet plate is very stable but the width can easily be adjusted again afterwards – a number of times, if necessary. Another feature is the relatively short tree points sides result in greater freedom for the shoulders. Riveting bolts are used instead of tubular rivets to ensure optimum strength and longevity.

Stretch Joint

The stretch joint on the PS tree makes it possible to adjust the materials connected to the gullet plate to a new width in case the gullet plate is changed. The wood and the especially strong and fully tanned sole leather simply "wander" with the gullet plate.


The PS Saddle Tree is used in the following saddles: Optimum II Dressage Saddle, Optimum Dressage Saddle, Compact Dressage Saddle, GG Extra Dressage Saddle, Hubertus Schmidt II Dressage Saddle, Hubertus Schmidt Dressage Saddle, Optimum Pony Dressage Saddle, Freemove Dynamic Dressage Saddle, Arktur Jumping Saddle, Ingrid Klimke Jumping and Cross-Country Saddle, PSL Jumping Saddle, Eventing Cross-Country Saddle, PSL VS All-Purpose Saddle and PSL VD All-Purpose Saddle.