Before and After Scans



Before: This saddle had very badly compressed panels and was bridging terribly.

After:  Total reflock performed on this saddle (all old flocking taken out and replaced with new good quality wool). Due to the heavy weight of this rider it was also recommend to use a sheepskin half pad to supply additional padding under these panels. The result is a pressure free saddle.



Before: Too tight tree on this horse created bridging of the saddle and quite a bit of pressure on the shoulders.  It was recommended to the owner to have the tree widened (this was possible on this saddle).

After: The tree was widened by half a size which took the pressure off the shoulder area. It can also clearly be seen that the saddle has a lot better pressure distribution under the entire length of the saddle panels.



Before: Old saddle which had very old hard and compressed wool.

After:  After a complete reflock – still some pressure points in the front part of the saddle but a large improvement to what it was before. We tried to find a new saddle for this horse but nothing fit this  thoroughbred gelding. He had very high withers and then broadened in the shoulders which made a good saddle fit very difficult.