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December 2017

Extensive 3 day bit fitting seminar with Vivian Schmidt from Sprenger. Our current saddle fitting clients got to try different bits. The difference and results were very impressive.

October 2017

Introduction of the Passier ‘Carolina’ monoflap jumping saddle. This model was developed by Dynamic Equine in very close collaboration with our local event riders here in Southern Pines.

We asked eventers in the Carolina area what they liked in an event saddle and what they didn’t. Working with the Passier design team and master saddlers, the Carolina was developed!

  • Monoflap with a twist,
  • A leather pocket designed to hide the billets and make it more comfortable for the rider, no catching or pinching but it still giving you the closest feel to your horse as possible.
  • A neutral balance point in the seat, keeping the rider in perfect position over every fence.
  • Leg flaps that can be customized for the rider, long legs, short legs we can give you the perfect fit.
  • Passier’s trademark freedom panels giving it a cutback head making it great for those event horses with hard to fit withers
  • Upswept panel design allowing the back of the saddle acting like a shock absorber avoiding any pressure on the horses back.
  • Built on the PS leather tree achieving the highest level of flexibility and a wrought chrome alloy gullet plate making it extremely hard wearing but also easily adjustable.

Comes in Havana or black with customized piping and stitching available


August / September 2017

Visit at Spoga trade show and meeting with Sprenger to discuss bit fitting education here in the US. A bit fitting seminar with Vivian Schmidt from Sprenger was scheduled for December here in Southern Pines. We felt that there is a real need to take the guessing game out of correct bit fitting.  It seemed like the perfect fit for for us saddle fitters since we are already on site to evaluate the correct fit of the saddle.

March 2017

Dynamic Equine welcomes Anne DeKeyser to our saddle fitting team! 

Anne trained with Mike Scott, MSA Certified Saddle Fitter to receive her CSF. She is also a dressage instructor and trainer focusing on basic principles, the training scale and rider position. An avid pilates student, she became a certified pilates instructor in 2016, with a focus on working with equestrians on and off the horse to help students become more balanced with their equine partners.

We are very happy to have Anne join us!





November 2016

Congratulations to Kristi Desrosiers and her off the track thoroughbred 'Rocky Top City' for winning the War Horse Eventing Series 2nd Chance Award at the Carolina Horse Park. Kristi and Rocky Top City will be fitted for a new Passier saddle which should arrive mid-January.

October 2016

Passier is adding 2 new models to its line of saddles!
Passier Optimum monoflap dressage saddle (available in stock for trial, first two photos below)
Comet III jumping saddle (second pair of photos below)





September 2016

Spoga Tack Trade Show Cologne/Germany
Meeting with Passier manager Thomas Klemp and CEO Dirk Kannemeier
Rear booth wall displaying Passier partner Ingrid Klimke





arabian-horseCongratulations to Madison Dwyer and her gelding Mercury for her incredible accomplishments:

  • July 2016 - Arabian Youth National Championships in Oklahoma City
  • HA Sport Horse Show Hack JTR unanimous national champion
  • First Level JOTR Reserve Champion
  • HA Sport Horse Geldings in hand JTH Reserve Champion

May 2016 - Dynamic Equine and Passier to sponsor Second Chance Award
for the War Horse Eventing Series at the Carolina Horse Park in Raeford, NC.

A portion from each horse trial entry goes to the Warriors Claim. The Warrior's Claim Program has soldiers with PTSD and other combat related issues work with thoroughbreds in rehabilitation. It supports another amazing cause by using rescued Thoroughbreds from the CANTER organization in their therapy program.

As a thank you to my clients and supporting the great cause of the War Horse Eventing series a customized Passier dressage or jumping saddle of your choice (custom fitted to you and your horse) will be given to the eligible horse with the highest number of points accumulated over the event series. Any OTTB (Off the track thoroughbred) that has acquired a TIP number (to obtain your TIP number visit OR any rescue horse with adoption papers from a recognized organization is eligible.For more information click 'here'.

January 2016 - NCDCTA Gala - Horse of the Year awards for 2015
Dynamic Equine donated Passier shipping boots and bridles

Briana was the winner of the Passier double bridle (FEI level) - pictured in photo
Grace Taylor won the snaffle bridle
Alexandra Pingree won the shipping boots.




Feb. 26-28,2016 - Pine Top, GA

Congratulations to Lei Ryan and My Silver Heart (Travis) for completing their first 1*.



Feb. 10-12, 2016

Trip to Wellington, FL courtesy of Mr. Dirk Kannemeier (CEO of Passier/Germany).

Very educational trip to learn more about the details of Passier saddles which also included a hands on session at a dressage barn. Their quality of saddles is just outstanding. Also got to meet my former saddle fitter from VT Karen Clark as well as another saddle fitter colleague from Lexington, KY, Bryan Lynch. We all had a great time, learned a lot and even found time to go to the show grounds.





Nov. 6, 2015

Congratulations to Lei Ryan and her TB gelding 'Travis' for winning their Prelim event at Full Gallop Farm in Aiken, SC




Oct. 27, 2015

NCDCTA Harvest Moon Dressage Championships - congratulations to:

Briana Atwell and Popstarr - Champions at Intermediare I
Brana Atwell and her young stallion Brandon - 3rd place
Natalie Horton and Cameron - YR 2nd level - 3rd place




Sept. 22, 2015 Visit to Passier Saddles - Hannover/Germany

I spent a day visiting the factory with owner Dirk Kannemeier
(5th generation of Passier).

I have always been impressed with Passier's PS leather tree which fits a wide range of horses (it is flexible to a certain degree and can adjust to the horses backs). Over the years of working on Passier saddles I have always noticed that horses really like this leather tree. This tree cannot break and the width of tree can be adjusted multiple times. Many options to customize saddles.

I will have 2 demo dressage saddles and the Ingrid Klimke XC/jump saddle available for test rides first week November.





groupCongratulations to my clients who were very successful this weekend:

At 5 Points Horse Trials Sept. 5 & 6,15 Raeford, NC

  • Camilla Vance's 'Wellie' placed 1st in large field of Open Novice with Hailey Smith riding
  • Lisa Gubenia placed 4th at BN
  • Charles Plumb won his BN Class with his new/young horse 'Imperial Philip' and also won his Training level class with Double Saint Guidam
  • Lei Ryan with Lady Bug and Silver Heart had successful rounds at Prelim
  • Claire Bruno and Bugsy were 10th at Novice
  • Michele Lobsinger and Finn placed 3rd at Novice
  • Evin Ellis and Irie at BN
  • Rachel Jurgens with Heck's successful first time at Training level
  • Elle Demosky and Bid at Training level
  • Alex Martone placed 2nd at BN

At Tryon Dressage Sept. 5 & 6, 15

  • Elizabeth Hart and Camilla Vance's Arabo Friesan stallion win three 3rd level dressage classes

brita-expoSept. 1, 2015

Spoga Horse, Tack Trade Show, Cologne/Germany
Spent a whole day looking at what is new in the world of saddles and tack. Some things are definitely over the top; clothing and even some saddles have too much bling for my liking. Some interesting developments in tree construction of saddles (e.g. head plate with 2 hinges to adjust to the width of a horse's shoulder).