Bit & Bridle Fitting

We now offer complete packages that include bit and bridle assessments as well as saddle fitting. Most horse owners spend thousands of dollars on a saddle, have it fitted properly, but only a few dollars on the horse’s bit. Moreover, they very rarely have it checked, nor the fit of the bridle. Both bridle and bit should be fitted correctly to your horse’s mouth and tongue shape. Bits should be attached to the bridle bit right way up (yes that matters too!), and also be suitable for what you want to do or achieve with your horse.

We are an official Sprenger test center. A selection of Sprenger and Bomber bits will be available for demo and test ride purposes. A bit in the correct size may be ordered through us if the most suitable size is not on hand. A selection of Passier bridles, including anatomically shaped snaffle bridles and weymouth bits are available.

Dynamic Equine Saddle Fit

Bit & Bridle Fitting$60.

  • We review your horse’s lips, bars, interdental space and palate
  • We evaluate your current bit in terms of material used, lengths,  thickness
  • We review any issues you have under saddle
  • We evaluate your bridle in regards to condition, size, positioning  of buckles and browband
  • We check pressure points, especially nosebands and flash  attachments
  • We offer bitting options
  • You test ride in suggested bits
  • Takes about 1 hour

Bit, Bridle & Saddle Fitting Package $160.

  • Saddle fitting evaluation as above
  • Bit and bridle evaluation and fitting
  • Bridles and bits will be available for trial
  • Takes about 2 hrs

More about Saddle Fitting

For two years, Ziggy was struggling with sever back pain as we were preparing to go to Rolex, our first four star event. With the help of the amazing Brita Rizzi, I switched Ziggy to a new dressage and jump saddle. Within days, the back pain was GONE. He started moving better than he ever had and became happy in his work. We put a lot of miles on our horses to get them to the top and the most important thing we can do for them is make them comfortable!
Rachel Jurgens and Ziggy, Southern Pines, NC