Saddle Fitting

Most of us have experienced saddle fitting issues during our life with horses. A healthy and pain-free back is the foundation for the horse’s performance and success — no matter if you are just a pleasure rider or if you have an upper level competition horse. Even the most expensive saddle off the rack might not fit correctly without the adjustments of a very experienced saddle fitter. A correctly fitted saddle is essential to the performance and comfort of any horse — a badly fitted saddle can cause lameness, painful saddle sores and behavioral problems.

When you schedule a saddle fitting with Dynamic Equine, we come to you! There is no travel fee within 10 miles of Southern Pines. For any other locations, travel fees are charged based on time and distance and might be waived/split for barns with multiple horses. Please have your horse ready and groomed and be prepared to ride when we arrive.

Dynamic Equine Saddle Fit

Evaluation of Current Saddle $120.

  • We take the history of you, your horse, and the saddles
  • We evaluate the fit of up to 2 saddles
  • Symmetry, movement, and palpation evaluation of the horse
  • We take tracings and make templates
  • We check integrity of saddle(s) (ie., broken or twisted tree, uneven stirrup bars, etc.)
  • We conduct a static and ridden evaluation
  • Takes about 1–1.5 hours

Note: Please realize that nothing can be done for a foam saddle that doesn’t fit properly except a possible conversion or suggestions of pads — full fitting fee still applies.

New Saddle Fitting$150.

  • We take the history of you and your horse
  • We take tracings and make templates
  • We bring several demo saddles for you to try
  • We conduct a static and ridden evaluation
  • Takes about 2–2.5 hours
High Time Photography
I have been impressed with Brita’s knowledge and her commitment to the horse’s welfare. Her pressure scanning system is amazing and very informative. You are able to get virtually real-time info about how a saddle is fitting the horse, both at rest and while being ridden. She has reflocked my old Albion all purpose saddle and did a beautiful job. PLUS, she will make sure it is right for you and the horse before she is done.
Cricket Gentry and Magic, Southern Pines, NC

Complete Reflocking $325.

Conversion from Foam or Cair to Wool $350.

Reflocking refers to the addition to or replacement of wool to the panels of an English saddle. A complete reflock involves disassembling the saddle, removing the old flocking (foam or wool), and replacing it with new material. Wool flocked saddles will periodically require complete reflocking, as over time, wool may become compressed and hard, uncomfortable, and/or lumpy. High quality wool flocking which is replaced skillfully is less likely to become lumpy.

The saddle needs to be taken to my workshop to be reflocked. Your saddle will be returned clean and conditioned in 2 days time. If the saddle needs to be shipped back to you, add $40.

Partial Reflocking $80.

Partial reflocking entails adjusting or adding flocking to a saddle, generally without taking the saddle apart. This is typically done on-site during the saddle fitting session. Flocking should be adjusted for your horse when a saddle already fits the horse well, as it will not alter the shape of the saddle; this is dictated by the saddle tree or the panel shape. After the saddle has been reflocked, the fit will be evaluated again with the rider up and the flocking will be adjusted until the fit is perfect.

Note: In the event that a saddle is flocked to fit the horse without the rider present to participate in the fitting and movement evaluation portion of the fitting, Dynamic Equine Saddle Fitting assumes no responsibility in the event that the saddle does not fit properly.

Billet Replacements$40/billet.

Point Billet Replacements $135/billet.

This can typically be done on-site. Add $55.00 if saddle needs to be unstitched and reassembled.

Widen Tree$200.

The saddle needs to be taken to my workshop to widen the tree.

Bit, Bridle & Saddle Fitting Package$180.

  • Saddle fitting evaluation as above
  • Bit and bridle evaluation and fitting
  • Bridles and bits will be available for trial
  • Takes about 2 hours