Saddle Placement

The importance of correct saddle placement

A saddle placed too far forward.

  • The rider’s weight puts unnecessary pressure on the withers and shoulders which in turn will block the movement of the front legs
  • The rider’s weight is primarily sitting on the forehand which in turn will shorten a horse’s stride
  • The rider’s legs are positioned too far forward making it difficult for the horse to understand leg aids correctly
  • Might damage the latissimus dorsi muscles, which have major roles in pulling the horse forward

A saddle positioned too far back, or a saddle which is too long.

  • Will already slip when mounting since the pommel area is slightly behind the withers
  • It will also make it more difficult for the horse to carry your weight and will irritate the loin since the rider’s weight is behind the weight carrying arch of the ribs
  • The muscles in this area transmit the movement to the hind legs and are not designed to carry weight.